LB—O is a graphic design practice directed by Luke Bulman.

We're interested in the overlap of architecture and graphic design, the former as it functions as a frame of general and specific reference, and the latter as a mode of operating. Our work at LB—O is a reflection of these interests and forms the basis for our collaborations, often working on the development of content and message simultaneously. Increasingly, we are involved in projects that have a greater public dimension and we anticipate that our work will involve graphic design not just about architecture, but in it as well, through projects that involve a closer bond between graphics and space.

The office works on public and private projects, most often in the areas of architecture, art, design, and culture with a special interest and experience in working on projects from initial conception, formation, all the way through material delivery. This degree of coordination between our collaborators and suppliers gives us the ability to align the project from beginning to end with its content, message, material and manufacture.

Luke Bulman received an MArch degree at Rice School of Architecture, a school deeply dedicated to the book as an instrument of architectural thinking. As a graphic designer he is self-trained, but benefitted from a foundation of study with Bruce Mau.

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